Thursday, February 10, 2011

Nik Nak's and Polaroid Pictures

I've been seeing these state necklaces everywhere lately and after watching my nightly fix of E! News, I found out where you can get pick one up! Nik Nacks sells the originals for a pretty penny but Etsy has a slightly different version for a much more reasonable price! You don't have to just sport your states necklace, I have my eyes on these ones since they are places I would love to travel someday!
North Carolina
Polaroids are back! On my previous post, there was this picture that I fell in love with and would love to do in my own bedroom.  There is a new, super adorable Polaroid 300 that would be perfect to have! Cute and compact!  


  1. Buy the camera, you will fall in LOVE! I absolutely love mine & am in process of that adorable heart wall too! The cameras run pretty dang cheap and the film is okay, but sadly you have to order it online now. They do not sell it in stores!

  2. I love those necklaces!!! So cute. I want one. Also, I have one of those cameras and love it as well. So much fun. I saw that heart thing and now.i want to do it, I just love your blog!! So many cute ideas.

  3. haha no way...i went to Ghana Africa a couple of years ago and went into this run down jewelers shop and this little african guy made me a necklace that is identical to that first one. i love it!