Monday, February 07, 2011

Hawaii {A little taste of the Islands}

Growing up on the North Shore of Oahu allowed me to experience very unique and delicious foods. As you know, islander culture revolves around food, family and more food- Hence all the linemen:) Where I grew up the foods served at wedding receptions, family meals, luaus, basically any social event weren't what most people would call- traditional. Even candy and gas station foods were a completely different experience.
So here is a little taste of my childhood! 
{Wow this takes me back... Mmmm, Ono!} 

Lets start off with what most would think of as a stereo typical Hawaiian food- Spam. In my opinion, it is the quintessential breakfast meat. It compliments eggs and rice like nothing else can and when paired with rice and seaweed to make Musubi- perfection.

Up next- Manapua. Sold at almost every 7-Eleven on the Island, this steamed bun filled with BBQ pork (can be filled with other meats as well) is divine!! Try the recipe out and see for yourself!

Another item commonly seen at gas stations- 

Now the sweet stuff. First up- Pani Popo {The Samoan sweet bread} You will be hooked to this recipe if you are a coconut fan- and those who aren't just might be converted. We love it so much we recently served it at our son's blessing as the desert. Oh how sweet! 

On to the next one- Malasadas. The Hawaiian version of the donut but without the hole and filling. {More of it to eat, right?} These baby's are deep fried and sprinkled with plenty of sugar, enough to make your mouth melt by just looking at them. 
Are you drooling yet?

Now, one of Collins favorites- Mochi. This is an Japanese rice cake that can sometimes be filled with sweet beans, ice cream, or just left alone- all of which are exceptional! 
 {You can buy mochi ice cream at almost any grocery store} 

Fan of snow cones? Well in Hawaii its better known as shaved iced and if your looking for nothing but the best, the one and only place you should be going is Matsumotos. The line is  ALWAYS out the door, the price is great, the flavors are amazing, and their "special touch"- add ice cream and/or beans in the bottom of your cup, makes it truly unbeatable! {It may sound weird to add beans, but there the sweet kind, like in mochi} If your ever in Hawaii stop by, you don't want to miss out!
Now my favorite. Li Hing Mui candy. I recently ordered a box full from the Ala Moana Mall in hawaii and had it shipped to us because I miss it that much! I cant believe I have gone so many years with out having this apart of my daily life. {Probably the best for my teeth though} Li Hing Mui is a powder that you sprinkle over candy or fruit of your choice {My favorite candy to have it on: gummy watermelon. Favorite fruit: mango} It comes from the Li Hing Mui seed which is actually dried plums. It has a sweet/sour taste and compliments things wonderfully! 
Li Hing Mui gummy worms

Last but not least, fruit from the islands. We had a mango tree in our back yard that allowed us to have a freshly picked mango every morning for breakfast. The Pineapple Plantation was just miles away and coconut trees were everywhere. Guava, lilikoi {passion fruit} and lychee fruit where also easily accessible anytime!
I would love to hear if you try any of these recipes or taste any of these wonderful foods!
Hope you've enjoyed my Hawaiian pleasures!

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  1. Yummy looks good! makes me want to go to hawaii never been ive really never even been to a ocean!