Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sequin Heart

I am SO excited to share this fun, easy, and super stylish decoration with all of you that I made for Valentines Day! 
I was roaming around Hobby Lobby in search of some inspiration for a craft I could do while at work and I saw the foam hearts. I remembered that my sister had recently made a heart wreath and covered it in red felt for Love Day- which is another adorable idea! So I thought I would do something a little different and cover the heart in sequins! 
Here is the "How To": 

Step One 
Purchase a heart wreath, sequins, and pins. 
Heart Wreath- $2.77
Sequins- $1.99
Pins- .99
Step Two
There is a tiny hole on each sequin, pin a pin into it one by one. Start at the bottom, pin evenly, and layer like fish scales.   

I used the smallest heart they had and one package of pin and sequins was enough. Be sure to get a second pack of each if you plan on going up a size. 
Step Three
Arrange the sequins so there is no white showing and then, display! 
Easy, right?? I loved making this! 
I also plan on making one covered in white feathers! 
Stay tuned!     


  1. lani! that is so cute! great idea. cant wait to see the other one :)

  2. yay! i love finding out people read my blog! and now, in turn, i will most likely be blog stalking you too =)... and tell collin hello for me! i moved around like crazy but definitely remember him. you guys have a gorgeous baby!