Tuesday, January 18, 2011

..Life's Little Treasures..

Its Tuesday once again! 
Here are some treasures that caught my eye throughout the week that I have been patiently waiting to share with you.
Happy Tuesday everyone!  

-A different take on newborn photography that I love: Hideously-Cute.

-Flan lover? You will be after trying this recipe! 

-American Apparel baby line... Need I say more?

-These beautiful shoes of a Nautical nature.

-This perfectly structured dress- Killer!!

-Who says wreaths are only for Christmas time? This sweet creation leaves your options open for every holiday!

-Someday I will have enough time and energy to create this masterpiece. 

-These beautiful people from around the world captured by this photographer.  

-Currently enjoying this read.

-If only I lived in my dream world where I owned every article of clothing from... Here! 

Enjoy your life's treasures :)

1 comment:

  1. That american apparel baby line is gunna get me in trouble when I have babies, its adorable!