Monday, January 24, 2011

Jude's First Laugh

One of the reasons why I kicked my but in gear and finally started blogging was because my friend Kimber told me she does it to keep a journal. She documents her families life, adventures, ups, downs and everything in between. She prints her posts and has everything on file. I guess its the 21st century way of journal writing, right? 

I've always been a journal writer and since having Jude, it seems more important now then ever. So here is were I want to document all of his progress and achievements. From the first time he laughs to the first time he takes a step. 

So this entry will be very short, but very meaningful.

Jude laughed for the first time at his Daddy on January 22. 2011. He laughed at him bobbing his head back and forth and calling him a baby bobble-head. HaHaHa. It was the sweetest sound our ears have ever heard. :)   

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